Friday, 24 June 2016

Change or Create Dimension for a particular Customer

Change or Create Dimension for a particular Customer: 

The below is the job to either create or modify customer dimensions...

static void setDefaultDimensionToCustomer(Args _args)
   CustTable custTable;
  Struct struct = new Struct();
  container ledgerDimension;
  DimensionDefault DimensionDefault;

  struct.add('Department', '00000031');
    struct.add('CostCenter', 'OU_3566');
  ledgerDimension += struct.fields();
  ledgerDimension += struct.fieldName(1);
  ledgerDimension += struct.valueIndex(1);
  ledgerDimension += struct.fieldName(2);
  ledgerDimension += struct.valueIndex(2);
  DimensionDefault = AxdDimensionUtil::getDimensionAttributeValueSetId(ledgerDimension);
  custTable = CustTable::find('1101', true);   //1101 is Customer
  custTable.DefaultDimension = DimensionDefault;


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